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Cheese history lunch

A journey through the history of cheese
Tasting of seven cheeses
2 hours at De Kaasserie

After a presentation about cheese hisotory, you will enjoy a variety of cheeses from this history combined with wines, bread, and other finger foods. It's an inspiring and delicious experience perfect for cheese lovers.


Dutch cheese tasting

Make two cheeses, learn cheese history, enjoy two tastings
2 hours at De Kaasserie

In the cheese day at De Kaasserie you learn how to make an acid coagulated cheese and an enzyme coagulated cheese.

You learn all about cheese history and taste cheeses from different countries for lunch. At the end you enjoy a drink and homemade cheeses. It's a great immersive experience in the world of cheese.


Themed tastings

Themed by country
At de Kaasserie or on location

From July, De Kaasserie will offer a monthly tasting to explore cheeses from a different country each month. A selection of the countries cheeses will be made and a guest will be invited to speak about them. Building up the Kaasserie community while learning and enjoying the amazing diversity of identities and stories cheese carries.


inspiration events

An inspiring experience with your team
Different formats at De Kaasserie

This is an interesting and nurturing  experience for a team working together. Participants learn how to make two types of cheese and, depending on the format, they can learn about cheese culture and enjoy two cheese tastings.


For a company event, birthday or special celebration, you can book a special tasting at De Kaasserie or on your location (in Amsterdam). The tastings can have diverse themes such as 'cheese history' or cheeses from different cultures.

Each tasting begin with a presentation of the stories behind all cheeses, to then enjoy the cheeses paired with wines and other foods.

To discuss a special tasting for your event, get in contact here.

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