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This is an introduction to the world of cheesemaking at home. You learn how to make an acid coagulated cheese and an enzyme coagulated cheese. While discovering the way milk makes cheese, you get to play with herbs and spices to create your own cheese.


The workshop ends with a drink and home made cheese.

You take home your two cheeses, a cheesecloth, the rennet and calcium needed to continue making and an email with recipes and pictures!


It is possible to add a kit with recipe cards to make 

your own pressed cheese at home.


Age your cheese

  • Make curd and pressed cheese 

  • Learn about cheese history and chemistry

  • Age your cheese at home

Learn how to make two types of rennet coagulated cheeses: curd cheese (panela) and pressed cheese (generic yellow cheese). Discover the history of cheesemaking and of cheese chemistry.


The kit comes with 8 online videos or with recipes cards.

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