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Age your cheese - esparto strip kit + cards

Age your cheese - esparto strip kit + cards


Set of two artisanal moulds, cheese cloths, bamboo mat, thermometer and rennet and calcium with a set of recipe cards to make your first two cheeses at home. 


Most people do not have rennet in their kitchen. The kit includes a bottle of rennet, so you can experiment with this new exciting ingredient. Rennet is an enzyme from the calf’s stomach. It has been used since antiquity to coagulate milk and we will use it in there Masterclass to make both our cheeses.


The moulds in the kit are a journey through history of cheese making. Cheese has historically been made in baskets, before its industrialisation with the plastic moulds we usually find in the market. With the kit, we go back to the natural materials. Specially with the Manchego strip, we travel back in time. This piece, called ‘pleita de esparto’ in Spanish, it is made from a dry grass called esparto which grows on the plains of La Mancha, where Manchego comes from. The cheese is thought to de made from the Bronze Age, traditionally with this strip. You receive a real piece of Spanish cheese history.