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San Francisco, California

Absolutely loved this experience! My boyfriend and I took Paula's cheese making class on our last day in Amsterdam.

It ended up being a rainy day and this was the perfect morning/early afternoon activity. We learned how to make two different kinds of cheeses and were able to try some of Paula's cheese at the end. Paula is very passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of cheese and truly makes it so easy to take this knowledge home with you. We'll definitely be making cheese at home in the future. And our cheeses were the perfect breakfast the next day on our train ride. Thank you Paula!

Paula Colchero, designer working with cheese, owner of De Kaasserie

Hello, I'm Paula!

10 years ago, I discovered I could make my own cheese at home...I fell in love with cheese making and have worked with it since...I want to share this love with you

Photo credits: Michelia Kramer

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