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All things Oscypek

Those who have done a workshop with me know that I am a big fan of Oscypek. This beautiful Polish cheese is the most decorative way of making cheese I have found so far. It's truly beautiful and very good to eat!

Last October 1st Klaudia from Poland joined the workshop and told be about the town of Oscypek, Zakopane. So great to speak to someone who has been there and gave me tips of how to travel there.

The workshops are all about learning how to make cheese but even more about being inspired through cheese. Participants learn from me and I learn from all cheese anecdotes people bring with them. It's what fuels the whole process.

Here some pictures of Klaudia, Manuel, Oscypek and a video of a Polish man making Oscypek at home. I have to go there and make it some day!!

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