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Camel cheese anyone?

So we all know cheese is made from cow, goat or sheep's milk.

Also buffalo, ewe (the female sheep) or different blends of all the above.

But there are other milks used for cheese, that you would not usually expect. The list is long and surprising. Among them are yak milk (in Tibetan communities), horse milk (in Central Asia), deer milk (in Sami communities in Finland and New Zealand), alpaca and llama milk (in Andean communities in South American), donkey milk (in Serbia).

Camel milk is used in Ethiopia, Mauritania, Sudan and Bedouin communities. And it can actually also be made in the Netherlands!

It turns out there is a Camel farm in Berlicum where you can buys fresh camel milk and make your cheese! This amazing tip came up in a workshop a while ago.

I'm definitely doing an 'uitje' to Berlicum one day to make some camel cheese!

LInk Herę:

Image: Kamelenmelkerij Smits


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