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Jackeline de Bolivia

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

At the May 8 workshop, Jackeline from Bolivia was one of four participants.

She was very happy to be able to make the curd cheese and it seems that her children too! She wrote me this text and sent me these videos and photos.

"I am Jackeline and I have been in Holland since 2001. Me and my children love these cheeses that Paula taught me to make. I used to go to Amsterdam some years ago to buy his cheeses from a Colombian man outside the church of San Nicolás, everybody could see him. When I finished making my cheese, I gave them to my children to try, they were very excited, they were more than happy. My son said "ohhh this is Boliviaaa", what a beautiful thing to see his emotions related to the flavors that all of us who emigrate miss. An honor to have done this course with Paula, a very easy and very precise course !! Thank you so much! "

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