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Margarita shares her experience

Margarita and her partner did the cheese making workshop on May 28. It was really great spending the day with them. We shared many interests, had some common friends and as I taught them how to make cheese, I also learned lots of interesting new things from them, among others, about Armenian cheese. Margarita made some beautiful pictures, which I share here. Thanks guys for a great workshop, hope to see you around!

Margarita wrote:

"I took Paula's cheese making workshop with my partner and it was a very special and unique experience. I had made ricotta in the past, but this new process of making cheese was so exciting! Paula has a beautiful approach to cheese making that combines knowledge about chemistry and the history of cheese making, with her own creative cheese making process. You get to work with beautiful natural materials (like a handwoven mold) and think about all kinds of ways to make cheese in your own way, with your own materials that you have at home. That's what I loved about this workshop, you got to get your hands into everything and really explore a process without being too fussy. I kept looking at my cheese in the fridge and still not believing that I had made it! I can't wait to make cheese again!"

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