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Nick from Colombia

One of the four participants on the May 8 workshop was Nick, from Colombia. As often happens with the online community, it turned out that he was also the creator of a brand of dried mango with chili called Bocamiau that I had seen on Instagram and followed for its good vibe and delicious products. Those good online coincidences.

Nick was very enthusiastic about cheese both in his nostalgia for Colombia and in his love for art and the inspiration behind making it. He sent me a very nice text that I share below.

"One day someone told me about De Kaasserie and I got curious, so I started to investigate. From the website to instagram, I was stunned. You don't always find a place where they present cheese for what it is, a work of art. When I saw that there was only one place left in her workshop, I didn't think twice and in a week I was already making cheese. The workshop is fun, informative, and what I liked the most is that Paula also inspires you to be creative.

My relationship with cheese has always been one of love. On my mother's side, I am Colombian, and a lot of white cheese eaten there. It is always accompanied with an arepita and a cup of hot chocolate. Do not be surprised if one day you see a Colombian dipping her cheese in her chocolate or coffee, in fact, you should try it, it is very tasty. By the way, you don't have to go to Colombia to try that mixture of sweet and salty, here in Holland we also like our pannenkoeken with jam and belegen kaas. Cheese is magical, and sharing these stories in the workshop with others is too. The food and the emotions they bring, connect us. "

Nick also shared with me some pictures of his cheeses and tests of him that he made after the workshop.

Breakfast with cheese

Cheese with Lego!!

Thanks Nick for your enthusiasm and good vibe, great to meet you and see you around!

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