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Three friends from Venezuela

On May 7, three friends from Venezuela did the workshop. They each lived in different cities in the Netherlands and they were close friends. They used the workshop as an excuse to, in addition to learning how to make delicious cheeses, to spend a day together at a distance. It was a very fun workshop, we had a great time and I learned a few things about Venezuelan dairy products.

I learned about the 'suero' in Venezuela, which according to Wikipedia is:

In Venezuela, it is a by-product derived from milk, whey (or simply whey) a bacteriologically fermented dairy derivative is known in a similar way to yogurt, but unlike yogurt, salt is added to it and consumed with arepas.

I also heard about queso de mano and queso palmita, which I already knew by name, but it is not the same to hear about the nostalgia of those who miss them.

Queso palmita (

Queso de mano (

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